Our mission

Firms are overwhelmed by controls! All this rules are useless! Statutory auditor, quality certification (ISO 9001, ISO 140001), internal audit, compliance … too much useless burocracy!

Is it really true? Did you ever wonder if you actually manage efficiently and correctly all this tasks. Are you sure they are useless? Isn’t there any way to transform all this work in information assets usefull for decision making.

Alacritas srl is an innovative start-up born to bring the principles of GRC (Governance, Risk e Compliance) in your firm through the software GoRiCo

Unified management of risks, processes, segnalation of criticity (whistle blowing, loss registration), audits could bring within your firms or customers an instrument to transform all this items in added value and not useless burocracy.

This topics are well known since long in anglosaxon world and it’s high time to bring them also in your firms. (https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/GRC).

If you manage all this tasks leaning on different consultant not coordinated one to another, maybe it’s time to call us.

GoRiCo, il software per potenziare l’audit

Attraverso GoRiCo la tua azienda potrà gestire in maniera semplice ed integrata (unitaria) tutti gli adempimenti normativi (privacy, sicurezza, ambiente, etc.) e modelli organizzativi (D.Lgs 231/01, ISO 9001, etc.) 

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